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Welcome to , a portal built to assist you in immigration process for your employees and immigration related compliance needs. Whether you are on-boarding a new employee, or amending/extending existing employee’s work visa (H-1B), is the right place to start.

Our aim is to make the immigration process feel simpler, easier, and transparent as much as it can be. As you would know Immigration process has its unique and evolving structure. To follow that structure within confines of ever changing immigration laws you need robust collaborative toolset such as to put you at advantage along with the right legal advice.

The information and documentation that you need to obtain from your employees/applicants, which you may need to provide to your attorneys in a structured manner for objective advice is very crucial. Our system provides means to keep your company’s and your employees’ information and documentation in secure and orderly manner for your attorney to review.

Connecting with attorney, and/or prospective employees/applicants is a single invitation away. You are in complete control of your company and your employees’ information and documentation. You can even see which employee updated or viewed what information from your dashboard. Besides information upkeep and H-1B case filings with your attorneys, our system provides robust compliance features, including public access file creation on the fly, employee-employer relationship tracking, time sheet tracking, project communication tracking/logging and many more.

For exhaustive features

For Enterprises

Your employees would have single click access to their information, which they can update as information changes (such as address, I-94, new Passport, dependent etc.). You can see the information as it changes, and can incorporate in new amendments/extensions. Besides you can order your employee education and experience evaluations within the system or have second opinion from different attorney by granting the new attorney access to specific case files, all from within the system

Your attorney/s can review specific employee/s case/s with much ease, our system will auto generate all the needed government forms with input from you, attorney and your employee, eliminating need for double data entry. Our system leads to faster review and finalization. Your attorney can focus and spend time strengthening your employee/company case rather than data entry or preparing forms. Our system notifies you, if attorney needs further information from you or has question on information provided by your employee. All messages from everyone to you and timelines are logged in place for you to check and respond to. It helps everyone collaborate effectively and seamlessly. With one aim, to have successful case outcomes for your company.

Finally, we are here to support you at every stage you need us. Although we are not attorneys, our system is built with accumulated experience from attorney consultations, and our firsthand experience working with immigration and department of labor processes and officials. You can reach us at our number 1-844-4IMMICOM / 1-844.446.6426 or at

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