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Enterprise Core Features

Connections Management

Invite attorneys and applicants to kick start case documentation. Our Connection manager connects all entities relevant to case and its progress from start to the completion.

Case Management

Our comprehensive case management system allows you to create, manage and complete the case related documentation.

Simplified Documentation preparation (petitioner self-managed)

Complete all the USCIS forms required for filing of petition right in our system. Review them, edit, or inform applicant to correct certain data elements, all in real time with proper notifications

Automated Forms Filling System

Completing USCIS forms is now easy as the data in completed questionnaires gets filled in the forms automatically. This data can be entered by the relevant parties, thus minimizing the data entry errors, and less work for case owner

DOL Document Management

Our system allows you to maintain the required DOL documents that are required to support Wages, LCA, and H-1B petition at specific work location along with timeline of these events.

Employer-Employee Relationship Management

Maintain employer-employee relationship through supervision of employee activities, assignments, tasks, timesheet approval, performance review, periodic meetings, and communication using our system. Our system logs all activity with timestamp.

Automated Data Re-capture

Documentation preparation for H-1B renewals/extensions/amendments is now easy as most of the existing petition- related data stored or updated on our secure server can be re-captured for all future cases.

Error Free Data Entry

Minimize the scope of errors in immigration forms by completing all the data entry work of our intake questionnaires yourselves.

Safe & Secure System

Our system ensures safety of your data by encryption while data is at rest and via secure SSL while the data is in transit.

Real-time Online Collaboration

H-1B applicants, petitioners/employers, and attorneys can collaborate by inviting and contributing to case documentation. It provides more time for attorney review, subsequently strengthening the case.

Simplified Attorney Review

Attorney of case receives access to needed data and documentation from applicant and petitioner. Data can be reviewed and edited; Petitioner can be notified to correct certain data elements, with proper notifications.

Employer Documentation management

Our comprehensive system enables employers to efficiently manage all the documentation pertaining to their employees, projects, and company.

Document Template Creation

Easily customize any available petition required document, if it can be template, and data elements can be pulled from what is available in the system to suit your process flow. Once created these templates can be used in future cases.

Document Template Management (Coming soon)

Recreate documents for similar cases without work, as all elements are merged and configured in template, minimizing time to complete paperwork. Additional questionnaires can be configured for special requirements.

Automated Case Documents

Case documents are pulled together and available for case owner’s review. Requesting additional documents from applicant is just click away. Case documents’ addition, revision and deletion are tracked with timeline feature.

Documentation Management

Manage complete petition-related documentation by storing them on our secure servers. Electronically upload supporting documents to our server in different file formats .Verify supporting documents with our built-in document checklist.

Employee Management

Monitor and manage your employee’s productivity by supervising their work progress via our comprehensive employee management system.

LCA Management

Stay in accordance with U.S Department of Labor by maintaining records of your employees’ LCAs detailing their work location and wage specifics through our LCA Management System.

Prevailing Wage documentation management

Perfectly maintain the prevailing wage documentation for a specific employee to ensure total compliance with DOL requirements via our comprehensive system.

Assignment Management

Easily associate an employee and a client with a specific assignment and manage their assignment details through our comprehensive Assignment management system.

Task Management

Manage all the tasks assigned to a job, or specific employee through our comprehensive task management system. This module integrates with time activity and in turn assignments.

Performance Review Management (coming soon)

Optimize monitoring the performance review of the employees by maintaining systematic records of the performance reviews through our extensive system.

Communication with Applicant and/or Attorney

Easily communicate with applicants and/or immigration attorneys about petition documentation preparation through our messaging features in your dashboard and elsewhere.

Automated Case Status Tracking

Know progress on your case as attorney starts working on it in real time. If attorney needs any further documentation from you or applicant you get notification right away.

Employer-Employee Relationship Management

Maintain employer-employee relationship through supervision of employee activities, assignments, tasks, timesheet approval, performance review, periodic meetings, and communication using our system. Our system logs all activity with timestamp.

Real-time Project Communication

Have all real-time project related communication information at one place through our system, which makes it easier to keep track of entire project communication involving concerned employee and work product.

Work History Management

Keep track of your employees’ work history including their work locations, clients, and work periods through our work history management system. This integrates with LCA management system.

Client Information Management

Efficiently manage complete client information of your employees with our system. Our address book is a robust library of client addresses where you can associate an employee with his/her client.

Vendor Information Management

Effectively manage your vendors’ profile automatically with our vendor management system. Our system gives the complete flexibility to monitor the vendor information and reduce any associated risks with Vendor associates who are on H-1B.

Public Access File Management

Our system allows you to create and maintain the required Public Access File contents. It can be made available for public inspection via a link to anyone or during DOL audit.

Faster Case Preparation

Prepare your case at a faster pace with our automated system as the required data is already filled.

Cost-effective Case Processing

Initiate your Case processing with our inexpensive automated immigration documentation preparation system.

Social Media Integration

Build your network of prospective employees, and qualified attorneys though integration with Social Media and inviting new connections.

Communication logs

Our communication logs system is designed to keep track of important interactions among applicants, petitioners and attorneys. It also helps to log complete communication between an employee and petitioner.

Excellent Email, and Phone Support ; ( chat feature coming soon)

Making our clients use our system with ease is our goal. Our support team is always ready to provide support for any product-related queries via email, chat and on phone.

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