Front Office

Prospect and Inquiry Management

  • System allows to input prospect details, schedule meetings and consultation, convert the prospect to client, and convert an inquiry in to a case with just few clicks.

Contact and Client Management

  • Extensive contact management tool.
  • Manage all contact information such as their cases, appointment/consultation, documents, related contacts, portal activity etc. in single view.
  • Manage multiple contacts in single screen.
  • Automate client interaction with chat, SMS/MMS, emails and associated templates.
  • Keep track of all client interactions and their case details.
  • Nurture passive clients with relevant information about their cases, dates, and reminders etc. which can be automated.

Appointments and Advanced Calendaring

  • Schedule appointments and sync up with your team calendar.
  • See all the appointments for all the members at a glance.
  • Automate appointment setting with Text/SMS messaging

Keep track of all client interactions and their case details.

  • Sync up all the contacts, calendar and emails from Gmail, exchange, outlook, yahoo, AOL etc.
  • Integrate team calendar with one master google account and sync it up automatically.

Case Management

Case Creation from Inquiry

  • Create case from the enquiry details already gathered.
  • Automatically generate client portals.
  • Automatically send out client invitations to connect and complete their profile questionnaires to minimize data entry for the case work.

Immigration Forms Engine

  • Accurately and automatically fill the immigration forms with form engine and custom questionnaires.
  • Maintain your filed case forms by each case securely
  • Maintain your client case/s history and related documentation at one place

Complete USCIS Forms

  • Custom forms can be added to form engine to automate form filling.
  • Custom forms can be of any case type, immigration or otherwise.
  • Automatically populate the custom forms from the questionnaire data that can be filled by your clients or applicants.

Smart Questionnaires

  • Customize questionnaires if you need it. Our smart questionnaires fill all case forms related to selected case type.

Secure Document Management and Sharing

  • Upload documents to client contact or case
  • Share the documents with clients
  • Allow clients to upload and share the documents with you on their portals.

Document Checklists

  • Customize document checklist for any case type.
  • Clients see the checklist and upload document against each item from their portal.

Case Timer and Integration with Billing

  • Case Timer and Integration with Billing
  • You can switch between cases and our intelligent timer will keep track of each case time separately and bill the time appropriately to the corresponding client.
  • You can preset the hourly rates for case workers and have them track the time if you choose to.
  • Non-billable time also can be tracked for each case.

Custom Case Types

  • Use our global case types or create your own custom case types.
  • Case type can have one or more USCIS or custom forms, templates, document checklist, billing and custom to dos.
  • Every item needed to be completed for the case is automatically created and can be assigned.
  • Custom case type can be assigned to any client case to use the work flow, templates, forms and questionnaires created for the custom case type.

Case Workflows and Automated Tasks

  • Use standard work flow, or create your own work flow.
  • Assign work flow to custom or standard case types.

Integrated Notes

  • Maintain all notes related to client and their cases in one place..
  • Accessible from any screen.
  • Multiple users related to case can contribute to notes, from inquiry, to consultation, and while case progresses until its closure.
  • Notes with attachment.

Customizable Templates

  • Customize templates with automatic filing of system questionnaire fields, or custom defined fields.
  • Once created, any template can be assigned to any case type. Finalized documents are automatically generated with case data.
  • No limit on how many custom templates you can create.
  • Embed your company logo and other details to formalize the document.
  • Generated documents will have PDF and MS Word version to modify further if needed.

Case Assignment Management

  • Assign case to attorney or paralegal as required, and share gathered case related documentation seamlessly.
  • Track case progress.
  • Transfer case from one team member to another.

Paralegal and Office Admin Modules

  • Add and manage paralegal or admin staff.
  • Provide access to specific cases or modules to the admin or paralegal staff.
  • Track activities of staff.
  • Track progress and issue instructions to staff.

Document Assembly

  • Assemble all case documentation in one big file that can be archived for future reference.
  • Assemble various documents that need to be filed as required, with required sequence.

Case Archival and Safe Keeping

  • Maintain filed case documents securely.
  • Create reminders from completed cases and documentation for future action and to-dos.


Communication Hub

  • Communicate privately with clients, applicants, petitioners, related parties etc. and maintain records
  • Communicate about case at hand with clients and maintain records
  • Maintain record of communication with staff about cases, assigned tasks and meetings.

Secure Client Portals

  • Provide each client their own immigration portal.
  • Allow clients to maintain their profile data, upload documents and communicate directly with you on their related cases from their client portal.
  • Allow the clients to retain their portal access for more case work in future.
  • Assign client portal based on the client needs.
    • Standard single or multi case portal
    • Advanced portal with communication, appointments and more
    • Self-serve portal to allow clients generate forms in some cases.
    • Employee portal for work visa clients with timesheet, and assignment management.

Reminders and Alerts

  • Reminders for case dates, deadlines, visa dates, passport expiry, LCA dates and other events for each case or client as per your requirements.
  • Set up your own custom reminders to get notified via email and/or SMS.
  • Set notifications to be sent to your clients, petitioners or applicants automatically as per your requirements.
  • Visa bulletin dates updates automatically and related case status updates and notifications.
  • Automatic notification to clients for case or document expiry rules, and more.
  • Extensive notification, and reminder/alert system for various needs.

Tasks, and to dos

  • Maintain all the required immigration related tasks and to-dos. Maintain all case related to-dos by case, by date, or by client etc.

Email and SMS/Text Templates

  • Create your own email or SMS/Text templates and automate communication with your clients based on trigger events.

Back Office

Professional Invoicing and Payments

  • Invoice by case type or time logged or both as you set it up for your case, automatically.
  • Payment plans (installment plans).
  • Discounts by percentage or flat amount.
  • Automatic invoice notification to client and payment notification to your office.

QuickBooks Integration

  • Integrate invoicing and payments seamlessly with couple clicks.
  • Sync billing and payment data with QuickBooks seamlessly.

Staff Management

  • Manage entire staff of the firm, including Attorneys, Paralegal, Admin and other staff.
  • Provide them controlled access.
  • Track activities
  • Team calendar to resolve conflicts and manage everyone's time efficiently.
  • Automate case appointments with Text/SMS with automatic staff availability check.

Access Control Management

  • Define and maintain access control to certain modules or data based on user type, role and corporate requirements.

Scheduling and custom workflows

  • Establish your law firm's processes by defining custom workflows.
  • Create custom workflows or use defined workflows.
  • Create repeatable tasks schedule related to case type and schedule such tasks automatically for case created with such case type.
  • Multiple workflows possible
  • Associate specific workflow with specific case type to automatically enforce the law firm's process.

Extensive Reporting Capabilities

  • Simple quick reports on case activity, staff activity and more with extensive filtering options based on the type of report.
  • Advanced custom reporting with drag and drop report creation. Reuse and rerun the custom reports. Billing reports to see the payment activity, late payments, partial payments and more.

    Payment Processing

    • Integrate payments processing and receive all credit/debit and check payments in the system.

    Compliance Module

    • All the documentation and reporting at one place to assist you in immigration compliance.


End to End Immigration case management and forms automation system
Overview of immicompliance
It covers, the case list, different pages and sections of the case management process. Case links menu item, case list with links to directly go to case questionnaires, documents, forms or summary.
How to create a contact in
There are three ways to create a contact
1. From Contact Manager
2. When you create a case
3. When you create an inquiry. 
This video explains how to create a contact in contact manager.
This is the first screen you see when you log in. This video will explain what you see on screen, where everything is, and how extensive the program is for your use.
This video explains how you can create your first case, in under 11 minutes you learn case creation from start to finish and complete any type of immigration case. 
Transcript of the Video:

Hello this video will show you how to add the staff more attorneys paralegals and other internal staff in your firm. This is the main screen when you login.

Go to the staff manager, when you click on this button

you'll be directed to this screen,

where do you see your existing staff members

and option to add attorney, paralegal, admin staff another assistant type of user.

Lets say you want to add an attorney, name email address phone number and location you would have at least one location already

Designated for you when you sign up with immicompliance so you'll have that you can also assign them to a group about the again you can do this later you can.

I like the location of Select if you want to be more particular about this attorney in practicing in particular State and what kind of a practice they are .

involved with

And also give them the permission to different moduls that you have, now in the case list you have multiple options you can limit the attorney or any other user too, like you can only allow them to certain parts of the case process or you can assign them to the whole case module, and give them a password and what happens is you can hand over this password to the user directly yourself and they will receive a link via email to this email and they can log in using the password and user ID user ID being the email they can use those user ID password to log into the system since it has internal system user you have to provide them the password okay what are the password you set up for them. Now, if you were to add a paralegal.

You have the same kind of setup but  here you don't have a lot more options but you can just give the name of the paralegal email address phone number and location and that you can .

Like if you want this paralegal to bill hourly you can.

Click on this so we can collect the time spent by this paralegal on a particular case we can do that. But if you don't need to, don't have to. All you need is select the models that you want to provide access to this particular paralegal and you give a password that's about.

Thank you very much.

In this video we describe how to provide client portal access to contacts you create, 
The following items are described in detail
  • How to create contact and provide them portal access
  • How to verify and view the portal access for a contact
  • How would the system notify and provide contact their client portal login credentials
  • What happens when a case is created for a contact with portal access
  • How to view the data the contact has entered from their portal - Profile questionnaire data or case related questionnaire data
  • How to contact Immicompliance support team for further support
You can change password and /or timezone from your profile. Just click on your user name on top right corner, then click on edit profile to change password or timezone.
In this video you will learn how to upload logo for your invoices, and web profile.
In this video you will learn how to create custom case type from scratch, without using any global case type as starting point.
You will learn how to quickly create a custom case type using  one of the global case type as template and editing it further for your requirements.
In this video we will answer the questions

How to generate paper questionnaires for case I am working on, for offline users who are not using the client portals?

How to enable popups for ?

In this video we will answer the question:

What is Inquiry, and when is it used?  How to create Inquiry then follow up appointment and eventually convert it to case?

How to change user type and password for client portal access for contact
How to enable or disable email notifications to clients
How to Create Invoice in Immicompliance with or Without Payment Plan
Follow these steps
1. Go to the case for which you want to create invoice
2. Under 'Case Links' on left column find and click on Invoices under Billing towards bottom of Case Links
3. Click on Create Invoice
4. Add the Item, Description and Amount. Also can provide discount, or create payment plans.
5. Record the payments 
7. Download and print or send the invoice in email to the client.
Create Custom Inquiry Type and Custom Inquiry Status Sub type
1. Go to settings
2. Select Custom Inquiry Type Setting
3. Add a new Inquiry type
It will be added to your account and will be available for any new inquiries you create.

For setting up Custom Inquiry Status Sub Type
1. Go to settings
2. Select 'Manage Inquiry Substatus' button under 'Show and Manage Inquiry Substatus' in the middle of the page.
3. Add new inquiry status sub type.
It will be available to use on any inquiries in your account.

Set up custom to-dos to minimize data entry for routine to-do items by creating them once and reusing multiple times. Only Firm admin can set it up for any staff member.
1. Go to Settings
2. Under General Settings click on  "Custom Todo Setting"
3. Click on Create New Custom Todo
4. Enter the information needed to set up the To-Do item including the staff member the to-do is assigned to and suggested day of the week, such to-do to be worked on.
Go to Settings
scroll down until you see " Todo Due Date Sorting Setup"
Change the sort order (the default is descending by due date) to ascending if you need.
Next item in list is "Todo Priority Value Sorting Setup"  (default sort order for this is also descending, you can change it to ascending if needed)

The change or sort order will be implemented right away, please refresh the to-do list to see the change reflected.
Login to the Portal
Complete Petitioner Questionnaires
Complete or Review/Edit Applicant Questionnaires
Upload Documents for Petitioner and Applicant from Checklist Items
View Invoice and Payment History.
Click on case manager.
Click on a case from the list, or click on any icon from the far right side of the case under "Action "column. 
Display applicants and petitioner's details organized in tabs you prefer and in sequence you prefer.
You can choose your own way of displaying the different tabs related to contacts, applicant or petitioners.
All you need to do is select your preferences in settings.
Go to setting
Select Dashboard and Defaults Screen
Give the numerical sequence to the tabs you want to see.
The tabs are shown in ascending numerical values.
Display the contact names in your preferred format.
Go to settings,
Select Contact format format setup
Select the way you want to names of your contacts displayed.

You can set up a case type with second sponsor form such as I-864) then create the case as you would.
There is no difference in case creation process, you just select your primary applicant, primary petitioner and attorney who is going to work on the case.
The second petitioner's questionnaire will automatically show up in primary petitioner and in portal for primary petitioner. Attorney or petitioner can complete this questionnaire.
Reporting on Immicompliance is extensive and easy to use.
Go to reports
Select the report you need
Provide parameters the report type needs
process report
download if you need.

You can add a form or remove a form from the pre populated list of forms associated with the case type by clicking on "Add/Remove Forms" button
Then type in the form you need to add and click on "Add" on the left hand side of the list items.
To remove a form click on "Remove" on the right hand side list of items. 

Go to the case summary page by clicking on the case from case manager.
On left hand side, click on "Case Forms & Templates" under CASE SETUP heading.
Once selected click on "Add/Remove Case Forms to Case"
Type in the form number you need to add on the left side search box, and once the form shows up click on "Add" button
Then click on "Update Case Forms" button on the right side bottom. 
To remove a form, click on the "Remove" button on the right side of the list of items and then click on "update Case Forms" button.

Go to Dashboard --> Staff Manager --> Select the Staff member --> uncheck the active checkbox at the bottom of the staff detail page.
You can change the contact name by going to the contact manager, searching for the record, and updating the information you need including the contact's name. You can change any detail on the contact record. 
You can alternatively choose to change the name in the smart questionnaire as well, which will be only reflected in that case and not on the contact record.
Go to case summary by clicking on the case number (from case manager)
Click on Case Forms and Case Members   on the left side menu under CASE SETUP
Click on the Case Members Tab
Remove the incorrect person by clicking on remove button on the far right
Add new person by clicking on big blue button and selecting the type of user and searching for the contact in drop down.
Click on Update Case button.

Go to Case Manager
Set "All" on all three drop downs
Search by Case Id or and Word/String used in case title or case type
When creating the contact select if you want to send the Text/SMS questionnaires.
Go to Contact Manager
Check the portal column to see which client has access to the web portal or text link
Click on contact to edit the web portal or just click on the phone icon to send the text link or reset the text link.
To set up the appointment addresses and titles
Go to Settings and set up the court addresses and court appointment titles.
To use
Select Court Appointment instead of Regular Appointment when creating calendar event for the contact.
Go to settings
Select Yes for setting up the text reminder for appointment notification.
Modify the content and settings as needed.
Go to Contact Manager
Select the Contact record, client contact record, Applicant or Petitioner contact record
On the Contact details page, select the link Change User Type
Select the required User Type from the drop down menu
Click on Save.
To set up the reminder emails go to Settings
Then scroll down to item which says "Send Email Reminder for Appointments" 
Select "Yes"
Select the options that you want
Click on Save.


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View all FAQs

Our product is hosted on cloud. It is available as a SaaS subscription.

It is currently available as multi-tenant SaaS environment with option to white label it and also with option to be in dedicated environment. Our up-time SLA is over 99%, we utilize Amazon AWS servers, and infrastructure. Though we are up almost 100% time, we may have situations where maintenance may cause some downtime. All our services are scalable without intervention, with AWS infrastructure.

We use inbuilt Amazon AWS security features, on top of that our SSL encryption keys, auto log off, and screen time outs. We are as secure as Amazon infrastructure can be. We will notify you of the subpoena and communicate and provide access in accordance with government requirements for such requests with notification to you. We can also build a routine for you to communicate directly with government agency for such requests and take the appropriate action as required.

Currently our application, databases and storage are all on AWS Western and Eastern regions, with multiple backups at Amazon's geographically separated data centers. Our application's superior performance is assured with Amazon's infrastructure and our high-performance modularized code.

We currently use Amazon S3 for data storage. Also working towards integrating faster storage service (wasabi) than S3 to enable our clients utilize more storage at up to 6 times faster speed than on Amazon S3. We however have option for our clients to choose where they want to store the data and can provide the SLAs for such service and related pricing. Amazon S3 is expensive compared to proposed future data storage (wasabi). Data volume is no concern, but the associated cost on S3 vs wasabi is. Currently based on the per user pricing provided, the storage limit is 25 GB / user if the storage is hosted at Amazon S3, and 150 GB/ user if the storage is hosted at wasabi.

The system is auto scalable with incoming user load, there is no limit on how many concurrent users can access the system. The system is designed to scale up automatically as load increases. Entire system is hosted on Amazon's elastic infrastructure with secure, reliable and high-performance user experience.

The application is designed for data accuracy and is a highly complex system, we do not currently have mobile app for iOS or Android. However, the web application is mobile optimized and has same robust security protocols if accessed from a mobile device (iOS or Android), mobile optimized web version provides almost all features that web app provides. is hosted on Amazon infrastructure with backups held at different regions for disaster recovery and redundancy. Backup locations are all over the world where Amazon's data centers are. Multi region backups and disaster recovery capabilities are equally available in S3/wasabi data storage option as well.

We do provide data migration services along with data cleansing. Accurate data migration is possible if the vendor from whom we are migrating from, provides the data headers accurately. If data headers are missing for certain data elements, we have to rely on your interpretation or our assessment of data element referenced. This may cause confusion and incorrect data. The process of data migration starts with a sample of data from your existing vendor for all the data types, case types you have. Once we have data from vendor, and your confirmation on data contents, we gather all cleansing needs, and other requirements you have, before we map it to our system. There may be more than one iteration of data mapping and cleansing based on the data that vendor provides, before we get your approval on mapped data. Once the sample data mapping in our system is ratified by your team, we can import data regardless of number of tenants and client users in bulk or in required chunks. Yes, we do provide project manager to co-ordinate the effort with your team. Depending on the data quality of the vendor we are migrating from it can take from 4 weeks to 12 weeks. If data headers are well defined, we can complete data migration is much less time, in couple weeks. Costs are based on the time spent on the data migration effort. We have seen vendors without data headers and vendors where everything lined up perfectly with data elements. We can provide fixed cost or hourly cost based on the effort required and the vendor we need to migrate from.

We do intend to provide the APIs to our clients and vendors, but currently have not exposed our APIs to other vendors or clients. We can provide the API for specific functions you need.


Yes. We provide two ways to have external users interact with our system. 1. Standard Client portal 2. Advanced Client portals. Standard Client Portal allows external user to complete the single case questionnaire and upload the case related documents. Advanced Client Portal has all the extensive feature set including case status visibility, appointments, questionnaires, employee management, LCA management, multiple cases, documents upload/download for case or contact from multiple cases or contacts, chat and more. All of the activity from either standard or advanced portal can be configured to be visible on attorney/firm dashboard with notifications, as the external users update questionnaires and/or upload documents.

We have simple/quick reports and also extensive custom reporting capabilities. Simple/Quick reports: Drop downs to generate your reports by user/case/and several other paraments. Extensive Custom reports: Create your own custom reports by selecting data elements and drag and drop to report designer and save the reports with your own custom names. Use such custom reports in future for different dates or clients. We can further extend the capability to add more custom reporting for your specific needs if required