ImmiCompliance attorney case management software Applicant Core Features

Applicant Core Features

Error Free Data entry

Quickly get started by completing the intake profile and case-related questionnaires yourselves and reduce any data entry errors in USCIC forms.

Safe & Secure System

Upload all the H-1b and other case related/supporting documents to our secure server and store them for any subsequent case filings. Your data is securely stored with encryption

Information upkeep and data upload

Our system organizes your data and documents for easy access and information needed by attorneys and employers/petitioners for proper action. Data updates by you are notified to concerned attorney and petitioner for accurate reflection of your data in case filings.

Kick Starting H-1B Documentation preparation

Kick start H-1B documentation preparation with our simplified system. Connect with prospective employer and move the case quickly forward to attorney. If attorney is not involved, petitioner can do all the documentation preparation as well.

Real-Time Online Collaboration

Collaborate in real-time with attorney and your employer. Any information needed or required by your employer or attorney is notified to you. You will know who has seen your documentation and where the case status is, at any point in time. This approach only improves the case preparation time, provides more time for attorney to review and strengthen your case.

Connections Management

Collaborate with your petitioner and its immigration attorney just by inviting.Our system connects all the entities of the case on a single platform right from the beginning to the end of the case, and beyond as needed..

Applicant Documentation Management

Store the entire case-related/supporting documentation on our secure server and efficiently manage them via our comprehensive permission based access. Electronically upload all the documents quickly in various file formats such PDF, Word, and JPG. Cross-check the required documents with our built-in document checklist.

Introduction to matching H1B employers

Get an introduction to interested H-1B employers to get started with H-1Bdocumentation preparation, if the employer likes your profile, interviews and qualifies you for H-1B sponsorship.You will be ahead in game. To begin with you can invite the petitioners who might be interested in your profile and review your case.

Multiple employer connections and cases

Get access to multiple employers and numerous jobs to kick off the possibility to finding the right employer and start the H-1B documentation preparation right away, if employer finds you suitable. You can invite any number of petitioners requesting them to review your profile and case data.

Communication with Petitioner and/orAttorney

Quickly communicate with petitioners and/or attorney by inviting them to review and edit your case data in a page by page view that is similar to USCIS forms. They can easily collaborate and inform you of any missing case-related data elements and documents through appropriate notifications.

Automated Case Status Tracking

Track your case status as the immigration attorney begins working on your case in real time. Attorney can notify the applicants and petitioners as well, about any interruptions or missing data elements through appropriate notifications straightaway.

Employer-Employee Relationship Tracking

Track all the activities of employers such as project assignments, tasks, timesheet approvals, communication, and performance reviews through our comprehensive system. As the system maintains a log of all the activities of employer and employee with a timestamp, this tracksthe employer –employee relationship. Our logs and reports facilitate in completing most of the activities in a timely manner. These activity logs can act as evidence to DOL and USCIS (in case of audit or subsequent filings such as renewal or amendments) of employee – employer relationship if properly maintained.

Ongoing Project Communication

Our powerful system puts all the real-time project related communication information at one place making it easier for concerned employee to keep track of the entire project communication and the work product. It evidences Employee-Employer relationship.

Timesheet Management

Employees can submit timesheets for approval, for the projects done at employer and client locations. Entire time entry, submission, and approval as it relates to assignment tied to a specific LCA for H-1B can be documented, and logged for future reporting.

Wage and Salary information and tracking

Track the specifics of wages and salaries paid on monthly, weekly, bi-weekly, weekly and hourly basis by the petitioner. Also, remain updated on the prevailing wages of a specific job that evidences the compliance with the Department of Labor (DOL) regulations by the petitioner.

Automated Data Re-capture

Data stored or updated on our secure servers can be easily and automatically re-captured for faster petition preparation of H-1B renewals/extensions and Green cards at later stages.

Faster Case Preparation

Our automated system helps in faster case preparation and quick attorney review as required data is already filled in the intake questionnaires and all the data is stored on our secure servers

Social Media Integration

Make a strong network of petitioners and qualified immigration attorneys through social media integration and inviting new connections.

Excellent Email and Phone Support

Providing our clients with easy-to use solutions for using our product is our goal. Our support team quickly evaluates the product-related queries and stands ready with proactive solutions. We offer excellent support through email, chat and on phone