End to End Immigration case management and forms automation system
Overview of immicompliance
It covers, the case list, different pages and sections of the case management process. Case links menu item, case list with links to directly go to case questionnaires, documents, forms or summary.
How to create a contact in
There are three ways to create a contact
1. From Contact Manager
2. When you create a case
3. When you create an inquiry. 
This video explains how to create a contact in contact manager.
This is the first screen you see when you log in. This video will explain what you see on screen, where everything is, and how extensive the program is for your use.
This video explains how you can create your first case, in under 11 minutes you learn case creation from start to finish and complete any type of immigration case. 
Transcript of the Video:

Hello this video will show you how to add the staff more attorneys paralegals and other internal staff in your firm. This is the main screen when you login.

Go to the staff manager, when you click on this button

you'll be directed to this screen,

where do you see your existing staff members

and option to add attorney, paralegal, admin staff another assistant type of user.

Lets say you want to add an attorney, name email address phone number and location you would have at least one location already

Designated for you when you sign up with immicompliance so you'll have that you can also assign them to a group about the again you can do this later you can.

I like the location of Select if you want to be more particular about this attorney in practicing in particular State and what kind of a practice they are .

involved with

And also give them the permission to different moduls that you have, now in the case list you have multiple options you can limit the attorney or any other user too, like you can only allow them to certain parts of the case process or you can assign them to the whole case module, and give them a password and what happens is you can hand over this password to the user directly yourself and they will receive a link via email to this email and they can log in using the password and user ID user ID being the email they can use those user ID password to log into the system since it has internal system user you have to provide them the password okay what are the password you set up for them. Now, if you were to add a paralegal.

You have the same kind of setup but  here you don't have a lot more options but you can just give the name of the paralegal email address phone number and location and that you can .

Like if you want this paralegal to bill hourly you can.

Click on this so we can collect the time spent by this paralegal on a particular case we can do that. But if you don't need to, don't have to. All you need is select the models that you want to provide access to this particular paralegal and you give a password that's about.

Thank you very much.