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FeaturesOther Immigration Forms SoftwareGeneric Case Management SoftwareImmicompliance
Free Directory ListingsNoneNoneComing Soon
Free Lead Generation ToolsNoneNoneComing Soon
Free Email MarketingNoneNoneComing Soon
Starting Price$50/month$49 - $ 99/month$39/Month
Trial PeriodUnknown7 Days to 30 Days14 DAY TRIAL
Case ManagerBasicYes-GenericAdvanced
Up-to-date Immigration Forms
Static Smart Questionnaires
Dynamic Smart Questionnaires
Multi Language SupportYes in Some
Custom Questionnaires
Secure Document Management and Sharing
Document Checklists
Case NotesYes-BasicYes-Generic
Case Notes with Attachments
Custom Case/Inquiry/Appointment TodosYes -Generic
Conditional Todos (Case/Inquiry/Appointment etc)
Case Assignment Management
Case Workflows and Automated TasksBasicUnknownAdvanced
Custom Case Types
Custom templates for documentsYes-Generic
Prospect and Inquiry ManagementYes in Some
Advanced Contact Management
Inquiry Management
Document ManagementNo - UnknownYes in Some
Document upload, share for clients and casesUnknown
Unlimited Data StorageUnknown
Document Assembly
Document Template CreationYes -Generic
Document Template ManagementYes -Generic
Communication HubYes in Some
Chat on Portal / Email CommunicationUnknownYes- In Some
2-Way Text/SMS/MMS MessagingUnknown$$
Text and Email TemplatesNo -Only Basic Email TemplatesUnknown
No Cost Data Migration from Current system*Unknown
Secure Client PortalsYes in Some
Simple Standard PortalUnknown
Advanced HR PortalUnknown
Independent Paralegal portalsUnknown
Employee PortalUnknown
Timesheet ManagementUnknown
Reminders and Alerts
Advanced CalendaringYes-in Some
Notes with attachments
Custom TodosYes in Some
Case TimerYes in Some
Professional Invoicing and PaymentsYes -BasicYes in Some
Custom Invoice Template, with Logo and designYes in Some
Payment PlansYes in Some
Staff ManagementYes in Some
Contacts and Calendar with 2-way syncYes in Some
QuickBooks IntegrationYes in Some
Custom IntegrationYes in Some
Compliance ModuleN/A
White LabelingN/A
Cusotm Logo, Site integration
ReportingYes in Some
Quick Reports with FiltersYes in Some
Custom Drag and Drop ReportsYes in Some
Billing ReportsYes in Some

Let's discuss on how ImmiCompliance.com can Streamline your Immigration Law Practice and optimize productivity with our case management system