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FeaturesOther Immigration Forms SoftwareGeneric Case Management SoftwareImmicompliance
Free Directory ListingsNoneNoneComing Soon
Free Email MarketingNoneNoneComing Soon
Free Lead Generation ToolsNoneNoneComing Soon
Starting Price$50/month$49 - $ 99/month$39/Month
Trial PeriodUnknown7 Days to 30 Days14 DAY TRIAL
Up-to-date Immigration Forms
Case ManagerBasicYes-GenericAdvanced
Static Smart Questionnaires
Dynamic Smart Questionnaires
Custom Questionnaires
Multi Language SupportYes in Some
Secure Document Management and Sharing
Document Checklists
Case NotesYes-BasicYes-Generic
Case Notes with Attachments
Custom Case/Inquiry/Appointment TodosYes -Generic
Conditional Todos (Case/Inquiry/Appointment etc)
Case Assignment Management
Case Workflows and Automated TasksBasicUnknownAdvanced
Custom Case Types
Custom templates for documentsYes-Generic
Prospect and Inquiry ManagementYes in Some
Advanced Contact Management
Inquiry Management
Document ManagementNo - UnknownYes in Some
Document upload, share for clients and casesUnknown
Unlimited Data StorageUnknown
Document Assembly
Document Template CreationYes -Generic
Document Template ManagementYes -Generic
Communication HubYes in Some
Chat on Portal / Email CommunicationUnknownYes- In Some
2-Way Text/SMS/MMS MessagingUnknown$$
Text and Email TemplatesNo -Only Basic Email TemplatesUnknown
No Cost Data Migration from Current system*Unknown
Secure Client PortalsYes in Some
Simple Standard PortalUnknown
Advanced HR PortalUnknown
Independent Paralegal portalsUnknown
Employee PortalUnknown
Timesheet ManagementUnknown
Reminders and Alerts
Advanced CalendaringYes-in Some
Notes with attachments
Custom TodosYes in Some
Case TimerYes in Some
Professional Invoicing and PaymentsYes -BasicYes in Some
Custom Invoice Template, with Logo and designYes in Some
Payment PlansYes in Some
Staff ManagementYes in Some
Contacts and Calendar with 2-way syncYes in Some
QuickBooks IntegrationYes in Some
Custom IntegrationYes in Some
Compliance ModuleN/A
White LabelingN/A
Cusotm Logo, Site integration
ReportingYes in Some
Quick Reports with FiltersYes in Some
Custom Drag and Drop ReportsYes in Some
Billing ReportsYes in Some