Comprehensive Case Management

ImmiCompliance, is designed to offer comprehensive immigration case management to small/sole practitioners and large firms with multiple attorneys, paralegals and support staff or caseworker. With an intuitive and easy-to-use design interface, our law practice management software, comes with multiple features that manage every aspect of immigration case management.

Customizable Portals

Get customizable and personalized portals for case members and clients. Take the advantage of dynamic dashboards with custom widgets, to effectively manage all the case related activity.

Customizable Workflows

Put a unique stamp on your work process with customizable workflows. Our default workflow acts as a starting point. Use our default workflow – if it suits your requirements—or set your own work process—from client account set up to post case filing activities to archival – as you like.

Custom Case Questionnaires

Every immigration case has its own dimension and the case requirements change with every case. And, so do the questions pertaining to the case. Gather the required information from the case members based on the case type and create your own questionnaire with any number of case-related questions.

Integrated Forms Engine

Gain access to a robust library of up-to-date USCIS immigration forms. Forms in the database are regularly updated; they can be viewed, populated with data, printed and completed with our questionnaires. If the USCIS forms change, we update the forms in our system within two business days.

Secure Document Manager

Efficiently manage case documents using our document manager. You, your clients, case members, and vendors can upload documents to our secure server. You can upload the documents in various file formats like PDF, JPG, and Doc. You can cross-check the essential case- related documents with our built-in checklist.

Connections Management

Send out the case invites to the case members to involve them in the case preparation process. Manage all the incoming and outgoing connections among case workers. Once the connections are created, you can collaborate with caseworkers and start working on the case.

Safe & Secure System

Securely maintain continuous case data flow; manage the case-related data and documents via SSL certificate and encryption methods. Data stored in our secure server always remains intact and is available for any future immigration filings.

Real-time Online Collaboration

Collaborate with case workers and clients to complete the case on a faster pace. You can review or edit the case data with a single click. Send case workers questionnaires to fill, USCIS forms, case files, case notes, and lots more.

Automated Case Tracker

Track your case –from case creation to completion. See how prospects turn into clients in real time. You can notify the case members of any missing data/ documents with our communication hub.

Online Calendar

Manage important events, appointments, and key milestones with our to-do list/ online calendar. Insert all tasks and events into our online calendar so you meet your deadlines successfully. You can import all tasks, deadlines, milestones, and calendar events to Google calendar.

Automatic Reminders

ImmiCompliance sends out emails, notifications, checklists, and schedules as automatic triggers and reminders. These triggers help you stay up-to-date with all the developments and key events of our system.

Custom Templates

Custom email and document templates minimize any re-work for the case members as the content is readily available to them. Any missing spaces in these templates will be filled dynamically and sent to appropriate case members at right time. Email templates automatically trigger at important deadlines. Customized document checklist templates minimize the time to gather all the required documents from the client. You may use/re-use them anytime by customizing them as per your case needs.