Custom Case Questionnaires

Gathering basics and facts of an immigration case from a case member can be rather intimidating, at times. And, on the other hand, handling the gathered data efficiently is even more crucial. Most of the case management systems compel you to complete questionnaires their way. At times, your data is changed without prior information, which can be frustrating. To avoid this, we designed custom case questionnaires that give you complete control over the immigration case questionnaires.

Case requirements change with every new case. With our custom case questionnaires, you can gather the facts and information that uniquely represent your case. Our built-in case questionnaires are completely customizable, wherein you can add, delete, or modify those questionnaires as per your case requirements. Change the order of the questions easily or define your own questions with which ever field you like. Customize the questionnaires by adding any number of questions to the existing questionnaire.

Generate Questionnaires Automatically

As the case member selects the case type, questionnaires are generated automatically based on the selection. Customize the questionnaires as per your case needs, once they are available for your case type. Send the questionnaires to case members via email or collaborate effortlessly with case members to get the questionnaires filled.

Collaborate Seamlessly to Complete Case Questionnaires

Collaborate with other case members— petitioners and applicants— to easily fill the questionnaires. Inviting them to be a part of the case preparation with our connections manager, will only ease the process.

Maintaining Data Accuracy

Minimal errors are observed, when the case members are directly involved in the immigration case preparation process. This is because, most of the data is filled by the case members themselves. Plus, our system offers post-completion review, where any changes can be notified to the related case members via our communication hub. Once the exact information is received from them, you can modify/update the data on the fly, on the review page, without having to go back to the original case questionnaires. When you save the modified data, your database is automatically updated with the edits.

Securing Data for Future Use

All the data stored on our secure server, remains intact, once the questionnaire is populated. This populated data is dynamically captured into various associated forms, templates and any reports. Moreover, the information once gathered via our questionnaires can be used for any future immigration filings.