Integrated Forms Engine

Forms are the crux of the immigration case management system. You can go paper less with e-forms in our integrated forms engine. Integrated forms engine is a robust library of up-to-date USCIS forms for different case types. We have classified the forms in the database based on your specific immigration case management needs.

You can view, populate and print the PDF forms and complete your case. Plus, you can access these immigration forms from anywhere and on any device as long as you have an internet connection.

Automated Forms Management

Data that is to be populated in the forms is gathered via questionnaires. All the data is captured from the case members through questionnaires and is compiled to print the data onto the PDF.

ImmiCompliance provides automated forms management, where most of the data is automatically filled in the forms. When all the case members collaborate and complete the questionnaires themselves, there is a very miniscule chance of having error-prone data in the forms.

Handling Forms Database

Case members can select multiple forms from our forms database. Based on the selected case types and forms, case questionnaires are generated. Case members need to fill these questionnaires so that the data from these questionnaires is automatically populated onto the case-related forms.

Case members can add or remove the forms for a particular case type. Currently, we are handling employment- based forms and case types, but we can include more forms in our database as per our clients’ requirements.

Plus, if the USCIS forms change, we update the forms in our system within two business days.