Full Features List

Immicompliance provides you the most needed toolset to connect, communicate, collaborate, comply and complete the immigration case documentation efficiently at a speed that is unheard of. ImmiCompliance provides several efficiency-enhancing, automation and customizable features, as well as tools to enhance your revenues.

Customizable Portals

Personalized and customizable portal access to immigration case workers-immigration attorneys, petitioners, applicants, and clients with a visibility of case status as it progresses via their own custom portal related to their case.

Comprehensive Case Management

With an intuitive interface design, quickly create, manage, automate and complete the entire case process through our comprehensive case management software.

Customizable Workflows

Enhance your law firm’s productivity—irrespective of its size— by streamlining your law practice with custom workflow. Incorporate your own work process at every stage as per your requirement: from client account set up to post case filing activities to archival.

Custom Case Questionnaires

Customizing case questionnaires is important as every immigration case is different. Our system helps you do just that by modifying the case questionnaire as per your case requirements

Integrated Forms Engine

Access a robust library of up-to-date USCIS immigration forms. Our system always stays ready to serve your case management needs. If the USCIS forms change, we update the forms in our system within two business days.

Secure Document Manager

Manage immigration case documents of your clients and case workers stored on our secure server with our document manager. Upload your documents in various file formats. A comprehensive checklist is available to cross-check the documents required for an immigration case.

Connections Management

Manage the list of incoming and outgoing invites, sent between the case workers. Communicate and assist your prospects with information about your practice and even gather invitations for new cases from connections of your prospects.

Safe & Secure System

Securely maintain continuous case data flow; manage the case-related data/documents via SSL certificate and encryption methods. Data is available on our secure server for any future immigration filings.

Real-time Online Collaboration

Seamlessly collaborate with case workers and clients, online, to expedite the case process. Review or edit the case data with a single click. Send case workers questionnaires to fill, USCIS forms, case files, case notes, and lots more.

Automated Case Tracker

Track your case as it progresses from case creation to completion and beyond. See in real-time how prospects turn into clients and how their cases are handled for successful case completion. Monitor your case progress as it moves across different case workers.

Online Calendar

Manage important events, appointments, and key milestones with our task list/scheduler/to-do list/calendar, so you never miss a deadline! You can import all tasks, calendar events to Google calendar.

Automatic Reminders

Receive automated reminders of important events, case filing dates, deadlines, expiry dates, emails, new feature updates, and newsletters, so you always stay updated from our end.

Custom Templates

Minimize reworks with our custom email and document templates. Email templates are sent out automatically as triggers at important deadlines and events. Document templates can be customized to minimize the time taken to gather all the documents from the clients.

Data Migration Service

Data Migration from other immigration case management software can be accomplished at the time of your practice setup.

Upgrade Subscription

Upgrade your subscription to law firm edition from individual practice version as your law practice grows with more attorneys. All the data will be intact when you upgrade. Pricing varies by number of paralegals.

Social Media Integration

Establish a strong online network of case workers and clients by inviting new connections through social media integration.

Excellent Email and Phone Support

Our support team aims to make our clients use the system with ease. All the product-related queries are answered through email, chat, and phone.