Access to multiple USCIS forms

Forms Management is the heart of an immigration case management system. As you plunge deeper in case preparation, it becomes cumbersome to handle multiple immigration forms physically. ImmiCompliance automates the form management process making it easier to prepare any immigration case.

Go paper free with e-forms

ImmiCompliance’s integrated form engine lets you work with e-forms; all the data captured in the questionnaires is printed onto the e-forms. This reduces any hassles arising out of physical forms management.

Robust Library of Immigration Forms

Every case type is different. And, each case type is associated with specific set of forms. Select the case-specific forms from our vast library of up-to-date USCIS forms. If the USCIS forms change, we update our system with current version of USCIS forms within in two business days.

Gather Data Seamlessly

Gathering data that is to be printed on the forms is very essential. Our system uses different questionnaires for each case to gather data from the case members. These questionnaires are completely customizable and you can add/remove any number of questions to suit your case. Once, you’ve all the data in place, it is compiled and populated automatically on related case forms.

Accessing Multiple Forms

Our forms database, gives access to multiple USCIS forms. You can select required case type from a list of different case types. Based on the selected case type, you’ll see a list of available forms. You can add/remove the forms as per your case needs. Based on the case type, questionnaires are as well automatically generated. If you think we need to add any forms, you can contact us, and we’ll update our forms database with more forms as per your case requirements.