ImmiCompliance attorney case management software customizable features

ImmiCompliance is a streamlined practice management system and easy to use. It has up-to-date forms, case management solutions, customized individual dashboards and widgets. It is a compliance management software with account setup, customizable email and document templates, custom workflow, case updates, case tracking, and many more. It can provide immediate access and improve productivity, reduce data entry errors and increase efficiency.

Custom Work Flows

Set up your work process as per your requirement. Account setup handles in person or telephonic appointments and also convert enquiry to case. Create workflows that exactly fit for your firms unique needs with different steps from case creation to case closing. 

  • You can arrange and add steps based on your work process.
  • Create custom fields that perfectly fit to your organizations.
  • Simplify workflows to reduce the complexity work.
  • Make your law practice progressive.

Custom Questionnaires

Questionnaires can be emailed to clients for completion and submittal back to your office. Once reviewed, questionnaires can be accepted & saved or rejected & discarded. Questionnaires can be customized.

  • Custom intake questionnaires for case workers.
  • Case processing with all required documents, forms, and questionnaires for each case type in one place.
  • Access petitioners/applicants profile, case questionnaires, and case documents for review.
  • Customizable immigration forms and questionnaires.
  • Easily editable PDF form to save and submit option.

Custom Emails

ImmiCompliance has easy integration with Email system and various communication features. Emails are set with required content to appropriate events. Triggers and reminders are set not to miss any event dates or appointments.

  • Alerts and notifications.
  • Automatic reminders.
  • Emails.
  • Trigger actions.

Custom Templates

We have predefined templates to get started for your communication. You can modify templates that match your firms specific requirements. Reduce the work with our customizable document templates.

  • Predefined templates to quickly start with process and other specific requirements.
  • Document templates are also available to use/re-use them based upon the situation.