Secure Document Center

As an immigration professional, you know how important it is to secure your case related documents. As loads of documents and papers pile up on your desk, it becomes extremely difficult to manage them. Now, forget the hassle of carrying your case documents wherever you go. Our comprehensive system allows you to upload and store all the documents on the cloud, so you can access them conveniently from anywhere.

Intuitive Document Management Solution

ImmiCompliance’s documents center is an intuitive solution for your document management hassles. It’s secure, safe, and easy to use. You can upload multiple documents to our server; all your documents will be stored in one place.

As all the documents are available in the cloud, you can collaborate with other case members and start case preparation from anywhere.

As the case members upload all the case-related documents to our secure server, you can review the documents, and notify them of any missing documents via our communication hub in your personalized dashboard.

Securing Documents

All the case-related data/documents –any documentation related to the clients’/case members’ case, projects, and assignments— are secured via SSL certificates when in transit and via encryption methods, while at rest. You can as well upload any legal documents that relates to your legal business. Plus, you can upload the documents in various file formats including PDF, Word, and JPG. You can cross-check the case-related documents with our built-in document checklist.

Upload once, use it any time

Just upload and save all of your legal and case-related documents, at once. Case members/clients can share the documents available in our secure server, with you. As the documents of clients/case members are readily available in our system, you can have access to those documents for any future immigration case filings.