Real-time Online Collaboration

People accomplish extraordinary tasks, working together. As a solo practitioner, you need to take the immigration case forward by involving the other case members—petitioners and applicants— as well. Collaborating with case members can speed up the case preparation process, as most of the data required for questionnaires is filled by the case workers themselves.

ImmiCompliance’s collaborative environment empowers case workers to connect, communicate, and collaborate – anywhere and on any device.

Collaboration via Personalized Dashboards

Personalized dashboards give immediate access to the case members to all the case-related information, documents, and activity trail of the case members. With these dashboards case members can track the case progress as the case moves across different stages of case preparation process.

Invite Case Members to Collaborate

You can easily invite petitioners and prospective applicants via our connections manager. Applicants and Petitioners can as well initiate invitations to you. Once the case members accept the invites, you can link them to the case. This establishes a collaboration among all the case members. You can invite the applicant and petitioner to fill the questionnaires. This way, you can find minimal data-entry errors in the questionnaires. Plus, you can notify the case members of any missing data elements via communication hub.

Once the case members furnish the required data elements, you can update the data to the database and upload the documents to our secure server.

Collaborate from Anywhere

Online collaboration can happen regardless of case members’ geographic locations with our cloud-based system. Work from anywhere and on any device, with an internet connection. You can import all the tasks, key milestones, and calendar events to Google Calendar. This way you are always aware of the deadlines and you can collaborate and connect with other case members on time no matter where you are.