Grow your Practice

Growth is always good. It’s even better if you wish to rise from the plateau of being a solopreneur to having a law firm. As a solo practitioner, you might be donning multiple caps: handling numbers, engaging prospects, managing clients, handling accounts, and lots more. There will come a time when you need to decide whether to maintain the status quo or grow as a law firm. Being in the business yourself, it’s encouraging to see your practice prosper.

Upgrade to Law Firm Edition

Solo practitioner version comes equipped with one attorney and multiple paralegals, unlimited cases, and clients. When you are ready to add more attorneys to your practice, you can upgrade the subscription to law firm edition. In a Law Firm you’ll have multiple attorneys, paralegals and other staff members, working on different immigration cases at the same time.

Set New Goals

When you plan to expand to a law firm, it’s vital that you set new goals, and adopt new workflows. Our custom workflows help you customize your work process, if you wish to grow your practice. Just the add/remove any stages from the built-in workflow. So, if you’re solo attorney or expanding your work to law firm, customize our default workflow to suit your needs of handling multiple attorneys, paralegals and other staff.

Invite your Peers

Spread the word that you wish to expand your work. Access the contact information of other Immigration Attorneys through our built-in CRM system. Invite and communicate with them to team up with your law firm via our communication hub.

Increase in Revenue and Staff efficiency

As your business expands to next level, you get the opportunity to take up more cases. Increase in cases implies increase in revenue. You can as well recruit more staff to perform different jobs, so that eases the burden of performing multiple tasks on you. Our attorney office management software perfectly streamlines your entire law firm’s work process, optimizes the firm’s productivity and automates the case management process. Consequently, this increases your efficiency as an individual and it contributes to your law firm’s success.

As you grow your practice, the number of paralegals increase. Our pricing varies by number of paralegals. Plus, when you switch to Law Firm Edition, all the data, will be intact and you will find our additional features appropriate for law firm practice.