How Can ImmiCompliance Help You?

As an immigration attorney, you play a major role in immigration case processing. Your contribution and legal opinion is the key to successful immigration case preparation. Usual approach of gathering data and documents from the case entities is time-consuming. For this, you need an automated system that lets you connect and collaborate with all the case entities and gather the requisite data/documents from them.

ImmiCompliance, a legal practice management software automates the entire immigration case preparation process. You can manage every aspect of your practice, right from engaging prospects to turning them into clients and managing their immigration cases.

Comprehensive Immigration Case Management

Our automated system enables faster case preparation, consequently reducing the cost involved for immigration case management. Our feature-packed, comprehensive immigration case management software includes integrated forms engine, custom case questionnaires, document and email templates, custom workflows, document manager, communication hub, and lots more.

Work on the Go

You don’t have to physically carry your files or documents. Our cloud-based system helps access your files from anywhere and on any device, if you’ve an internet connection.

Collaborate Seamlessly

Effortlessly collaborate with all case entities – applicants, petitioners, immigration attorneys, paralegals and other support staff— from case initiation to completion, for successful immigration case preparation.

Streamlined Attorney Office Management

ImmiCompliance perfectly streamlines your law practice and optimizes your work productivity. You’ve an organized office environment with an improved work process and staff efficiency is as well enhanced. You get the opportunity to focus more on your practice and increase your revenue, than on improving the workflow.

Intuitive Design Interface

With an easy-to-use and intuitive design interface, ImmiCompliance delivers comprehensive case management solutions to law practitioners/firms, irrespective of their sizes: small/solo law practice and large firms.

Migrate your Data

Migrate your case files/data from any other immigration case management software. We can help you with this transition at the time of practice setup so you have all the crucial data/files intact. Once you migrate from your existing immigration case management software, we can offer you comprehensive training on using our system.