Turn Prospects into Clients

As an immigration attorney, you know how important it is to expand your client base for your business to thrive. Plus, you know that not all the prospects are going to pass through funnel and turn into clients as you anticipate. You need to give them extra assistance to bring them in.

Pay Attention to Prospects

As the prospects come in with their enquiries, don’t let them slip through the cracks. Engage your prospects with our prospect management system — whether they have sent an email or submitted the enquiry form. Gather the prospect information and handle their enquiries via our enquiry manager. Give them the required personal attention by scheduling in-person or telephone appointments to discuss the case.

Never Miss your Appointments

When you schedule an appointment, make sure you attend it. Often, “No show” could mean “No Client”, as prospects these days anticipate quick response. Our online calendar helps you schedule your important appointments, key events, milestones, and deadlines. You can never miss your appointments as our system sends out automatic reminders.

Your Prospect's Time is Precious

If you cannot make it to a pre-scheduled appointment, let your prospects know about it. Their time is precious, so don’t keep them waiting. Our system can help postpone/re-schedule your appointment with the prospects with our scheduler. Plus, automated notifications are triggered to your prospects so you don’t have to worry about informing them about the postponed appointment. You can sit back and relax!

Grow Your Client Base

Prospects are crucial to any business. Proper response from your side is the key to successful lead conversion. Our intuitive enquiry manager helps you reach your prospects and you’ll have no hassles in engaging them. When you have the prospects information with you, you can schedule appointments and send follow-up emails to them to keep your enquiry alive. Our enquiry manager sends out automatic reminders of scheduled appointments to the prospects as well, so they never miss their appointments.

Above all, prospects turn into clients when they realize you can offer something that nobody else does. Our feature-packed automated system can assist you with prospect management and when the prospects turn into clients, our system can help with their case management.