Immigration Case Management Software Features

ImmiCompliance has a unique case management feature compared to other firms. The comprehensive immigration case management system makes your immigration law practice progressive. It provides updated case status, notifications, communication with attorneys, paralegals, fillable forms, calendar, electronic invoices, case tracking and many more. ImmiCompliance allows users to upload and download documents to and from the system. It has customizable email templates for your communication.

The ImmiCompliance case management system allows our clients to securely access their data anywhere, anytime from your desktop. Our clients can collaborate with the access of their documents whenever they are needed. Immigration case management software is a feature packed system with integrated forms engine, compliance management, custom case questionnaires, document manager, custom workflows, automatic reminders and many more.

Case management software helps you to track the status and progress of compliance issues and investigations that require case management. This can collaborate efficiently across the organization and on cases that maintain complete case histories with instant access to all related information.

  • A complete integrated approach to manage files and cases.
  • Integrated forms engine with a vast library of up-to-date USCIS forms.
  • Custom case questionnaires related to the case.
  • Faster case preparation and quick review.
  • Data maps without manual updates to the correct form fields.
  • Case tracking helps clients to view the status of their case.
  • Clients are allowed to upload and download documents.
  • Reduces work time that is needed to gather information for grant reporting.