Manage Deadlines

Managing time is the first step towards enhancing your work productivity; this in turn contributes to the success of your business. And, when it’s about managing immigration cases, things get even harder, if you cannot manage your time efficiently. This is where ImmiCompliance comes in, to ease out the burden of managing important deadlines.

Meet your Deadlines

You can never miss a deadline, as ImmiCompliance’s to-do list/online calendar lets you manage important appointments, events, and key milestones. Spend more time discussing case with your clients than on scheduling appointments. Our calendar takes care of all the scheduling. Plus, you can schedule and view your appointments from anywhere, and on any device.

You and your client will receive automatic reminders and follow-up emails and notifications when an appointment is scheduled. So, there would absolutely be no no-shows any more.

Don’t let go your Clients

Never let your prospects and clients slips through the cracks. As you start using our system, prospects and clients can view your real-time availability and this lets them plan their meeting, at a time that suits both parties.

Plus, our system is a total time saver as either parties are notified of any cancellations or postponements of the appointments via emails.

Automatic Reminders

Our automated reminders keep the case moving forward, as alerts or emails are triggered reminding you and your clients of the upcoming deadlines, important dates and pre-scheduled appointments. It’s not just a one-timer, we send you follow-up emails, so you’re on time for the scheduled appointment.

Sync to Google Calendar

If you’re already hooked to Google Calendar, you can import all tasks, key milestones, and calendar events to Google Calendar. Our system completely supports Google Calendar sync.