Customize Each Case

Being an immigration professional, you must be aware of how your immigration cases are executed. It can be annoying when you get locked into someone else’s vision of work process, and the only way out is to get accustomed to their process. This is where ImmiCompliance comes to your rescue. With our system you get the complete flexibility of adopting your way, to every case you handle.

Custom Workflows

Efficient workflows can quickly organize the things for you and streamline the existing work process. And, when it’s time to change or you wish to improve the existing workflow, or you want to add a new workflow to a case, our workflows are like a huge sigh of relief. Simply change the workflow with a few simple clicks to suit your case.

As you set your own case-specific workflow, you incorporate every stage as per your case requirements: from client account setup to post case filing activities to archival. Our system comes with default workflow, for you to start. You can reorder the stages and steps of default workflow. And, with a streamlined office process, you have increased caseloads and more revenue.

Custom Document & Email templates

ImmiCompliance comes equipped with document and email templates. Create new templates or customize the existing templates as you want them to be. If you’re already using any documents, convert them into templates. When you’ve to send the emails, our system dynamically populates the templates with pre-specified content. Setting triggers at appropriate times can send the right communication at right time.

Custom Case Questionnaires

With ImmiCompliance’s custom case questionnaires you are in charge of your case. You’re at a liberty of setting your own questionnaire and you will no longer be in a deadlock. Include as many questions as you need or remove any question you find unsuitable for the case. Create the checkboxes, drop-downs and other fields as you need. As you control the data in the questionnaires, you see what exactly is going into your database.