A Comprehensive Attorney Office Management Softwares

With the ever-growing challenges of managing immigration cases, it has become essential for immigration attorneys to adopt a comprehensive attorney case management software that increases the efficiency of attorney office work process.

As an individual practitioner, you may want to engage your prospects and turn them into your clients. You may as well want to take up more cases to increase your revenue. This is where, ImmiCompliance.com steps in to streamline your immigration practice.

ImmiCompliance is a secure, cloud-based, automated immigration case management software that enables you to optimize the work productivity with its custom workflows.

Every aspect of immigration case and compliance management is taken care by ImmiCompliance with its integrated forms engine, case manager, custom templates, custom case questionnaires, document manager, and personalized client portals at very optimal cost.

Case Management

With an intuitive interface design, ImmiCompliance delivers end-to-end immigration case management solutions to your clients from case initiation to completion.

Data Migration Service

Data Migration from other immigration case management software can be accomplished at the time of your practice setup.

Automated & Cloud-based System

ImmiCompliance minimizes manual intervention by automating the entire case process. You can work on the go – you don’t have to physically carry your case papers— as our system is accessible from anywhere and on any device, as long as you have an internet connection

Custom Case Questionnaires

Being able to customize the case questionnaires is important as every immigration case is different. Our system helps you do just that by customizing the case questionnaire as per your case requirements.

Custom Templates

Minimize any reworks with our email and custom document templates. With our email templates you don’t have to compose any emails repeatedly. Emails are already drafted with required content, to be sent out at appropriate situations/events and even can be automated. Similarly, document templates help you customize the required immigration case documents as the content is already made available as templates. You may simply use/re-use, customize to suit your needs. Plus, these email templates are sent out automatically as triggers at important deadline and events. Document checklist templates for clients can also be customized for your needs to minimize the time taken to gather all the documents from the clients.

Secure Document Manager

Upload your documents safely to our secure server once. You can retrieve your data/documents any time for any future immigration case filings with us.

Integrated Forms Engine

With a robust library of up-to-date immigration forms, our systems always stays ready to serve your case management needs. If the USCIS forms change, we update the forms in our system within two business days.

Automated Case Tracker

Client can automatically track his/her case, as it moves through different stages of your office workflow.

Online Calendar

Our task list/scheduler/to do list/calendar lets you manage important events, appointments, and key milestones, so you never miss a deadline! You can import all tasks, calendar events to Google calendar.

Automated Reminders & Triggers

We send you important email notifications, new feature updates, newsletters, and automatic reminders to keep you updated always.

Upgrade to Law Firm version as you grow your practice

The individual practice version comes equipped with one attorney and multiple paralegals, unlimited cases, and clients. The pricing varies by number of paralegals. When you are ready to add more attorneys to your practice, you can upgrade the subscription to law firm edition. All the data, will be intact and you will find additional features appropriate for law firm practice.